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[High Quality] LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for iPhone 7 Plus (LG DTP C3F) - Black

Service Notice:

There are 3 manufacturers for the original iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus LCD panels:

  1. LG - DTP & C3F
  2. Sharp - DHK & C01
  3. Toshiba - C11 & F7C

It is important to replace the screen with the same manufactuer, otherwise you may encounter issues ghost touch, unresponsive touch or freezing touch (some  issues will only show up after a few days).

LG screens will only work with LG replacement screens.

Sharp and Toshiba screens can be replaced with any manufacturer but it is best to be replaced with the same manufacturer.

You can check the code on the back of the display to determine which manufacturer it is.

Alternatively you can check the code without opening the iPhone using 3uTools.