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[Aftermarket OLED Soft] OLED Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly for iPhone XS

iPhone XS Front Glass Touch Screen Digitizer OLED Assembly - Black [Aftermarket Soft OLED]

iPhone XS Front Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly WITH OLED Screen.

Soft OLED screens are built around a flexible substrate, like the iPhone X’s original screen. Because the manufacturing process doesn’t substitute this key component, the soft OLED is a step ahead of the hard OLED in mimicking original screen performance. Its display size matches the dimensions of the OEM screen, and the flexible substrate gives the soft OLED a leg up in hardiness, allowing it to absorb more impacts without malfunctioning or breaking. Hard OLED on the other hand is more fragile and has an enlarged bezel that fractionally, but noticeably, reduces the size of the 5.8” display.
Soft OLED’s key features:
  • Color Contrast: Excellent color contrast
  • Color Accuracy: Excellent color accuracy
  • Brightness: Good brightness
  • Display Size: Equivalent to OEM
  • Power Consumption: Equivalent to OEM
  • Durability: Equivalent to OEM, higher than Hard OLED
  • Price: Higher than Hard OLED

More information on Soft vs Hard OLED:

Ambient Light Sensor (ALS): Yes (iOS 12 and Above)
True Tone: Yes (Programmable)

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Package contents:

  • 1 x iPhone XS Front Glass Touch Screen Digitizer OLED Assembly - Black [Aftermarket Soft OLED]