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Kaisi Battery Activation Charge Board K-9208
Activate dormant batteries and quickly charge batteries, compatible with Apple iPhones 4G, 4S, 5,..
Ex GST: $11.77
QianLi iCharger Battery Activation Detection Board
Easy to use external device for testing, charging and re-activating batteries that are dead due to..
Ex GST: $22.68
QianLi iPower Pro Max Power and Boot Line for iPhone 6 - 11 Pro Max
Built on the success of the original iPower Pro. Updated version supporting iPhone 11 series. ..
Ex GST: $54.50
QianLi Macaroon Portable Spot Welding Machine
This portable spot welding tools allows you to easily spot weld battery IC boards to new battery ..
Ex GST: $62.68
Qianli Mega-IDEA FPC DC Power Cables for iOS iPhone 7 - 12 Pro Max
New version with support up to iPhone12 Pro Max motherboard, iPhone battery Connector DC Power Su..
Ex GST: $18.14