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Reliable Quality and Advanced Technology

  • The CPB heating pad is portable and super easy to use.
  • It is designed with a high efficiency heating system that takes only 9 minutes to heat pad up to 120℃ (248℉).
  • Includes a mobile phone and tablet mode which makes it quick and easy to swap between the different suitable temperatures for each device. The Mobile phone mode's settable temperature is 10℃-120℃ (50℉-248℉), the tablet mode's settable temperature is 10℃-90℃ (50℉-194℉).
  • Time and temperature controlled to ensures your safety and the safety of your device.
  • 30 screw positions and 4 notches to classify and store IC components and screws
  • LED screen provides HD vision and longer use time.

How to use

  1. Long press [Down] to switch to English interface.
  2. To change the temperature, press [M] and the temperature value will flash, press [up] or [down] to change the temperature.
  3. To change the countdown timer, double press [M] and the countdown number will flash. Press [up] or [down] to change the time.
  4. [Mobile phone mode] Long press the [power ON/OFF], after hearing the beep sound, mobile phone mode is activated. In this mode, the device will be heated at a constant set temperature.
  5. [Tablet mode] Long press the [M] and you will hear a double beep, this means tablet mode is activated.

Please note: This product comes with a AU wall adapter.