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The QianLi MEGA-IDEA SG-02 Smart Electric Polishing Pen is a practical tool that allows you to polish, file, remove glue, carve, drill, sharpen and cut. Delivered with different tips that can be easily inserted, the pen offers you the possibility of carrying out different operations without having to change tools. Thanks to its versatility, this tool is ideal for repairing motherboards or other components of electronic devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

The QianLi MEGA-IDEA SG-02 Smart Electric Polishing Pen has a powerful three-speed motor. Its rechargeable battery ensures you, when it is full, more than one hour of continuous use. Equipped with a USB-C port, the QianLi MEGA-IDEA SG-02 Pen is compatible with fast charging (USB-A to USB-C cable provided).

Includes built in battery.
Drills included:

  • Polishing 8mm
  • Grinding 8mm
  • Carving 0.6A
  • Carving 0.8A
  • Carving 2.5A
  • Cutting 2.0D
  • Drilling 4.0K


  • 10W Power
  • 2.35mm head diameter
  • Weight – 45g
  • Dimensions – 125mm x 15mm

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